How it works

  1. Introduction

    After registration, we'll discuss in detail what you're seeking and what matters to you. Then, together, we'll create your profile.

  2. Preselection

    Based on the profile, we identify suitable candidates. You're welcome to introduce your own candidates, who will be assessed objectively by an expert.

  3. Results review

    We present the most promising candidates to you and discuss them together.

  4. Contact with candidates

    Select the candidates you're interested in connecting with and we will link you to them for follow-up interviews.

  5. Succesful match

    You decide which candidate you'd like to invite onto your board.



All-including succesfee per vacancy:

7.500 excl. VAT

This includes:

  • Candidates that add value
  • Professional support
  • No cure, no pay

What to expect?

  • Extensive network

    Gain access to an extensive network of board members, with a wide range of skill sets. Each individual has had a thorough intake interview, ensuring high-quality and precise matching.

  • Match assistance

    Benefit from professional support. We customize your search, present suitable candidates, and connect you to them. By searching anonymously, we broaden your options beyond the usual suspects.

  • Quick selection

    Get connected to promising candidates swiftly. For this we use advanced matching technology designed to identify the ideal board members for your scale-up, combined with personal support.

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